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n번방 print donation

13:30GMT 26th August 2020

I have donated 50% of sales of nth room prints to Korean Sexual Violence Relief Center, a women's activist organization that aims to reveal the nature of sexual violence as a structural problem caused by power relations between genders. KSVRC have provided more than 75,000 one-on-one counselling sessions, proposing the enactment and revision of laws, monitoring and evaluating policy, publishing materials, and running education programs.

❤️️ Thank you for everyone who supported with buying prints in the limited run shop (11th August 2020 - 18th August 2020).

Please find more information on KSVRC at:


16:10GMT 2nd February 2020

I am upset. I have noticed my English friends flooding their social media with memes on the coronavirus with little to no empathy. I respect that humor, entwined with image, has been used as a universal coping mechanism for world issues, however, the polarising mockery feeds into racism and anti-Asian viewpoints. Furthermore, a miscommunication has formed which is creating a dangerous environment for Asian and Asian-passing persons. The image of the Chinese citizen wearing the mask has been reappropriated into what popular culture deems fit. From the locals of Wuhan to the surrounding provinces of China, people have been wearing these masks to prevent infection, as a sign of active protection. Unfortunately, western social media has taken these images of innocent people protecting themselves and showing unity, and branded them as people being infected and a national threat.

A symbol of protection and selflessness is now weaponised as a tool to condemn the Chinese and neighboring Asian cultures. We must not let memetic images change a neutral visual literacy embedded in us. Covering part of one's face is not an intuitively dangerous thing. Visual language is constantly being repositioned and given live ammunition to be used against cultures and races of people who are systematically oppressed by a western post-colonial power. I believe we must combat these false narratives with new images that reappropriate the power-hungry Latin-based language and use it to connect a bridge between our cultures. We can aim to create a mutual understanding between opposing cultures where information can be consumed with less noise. 'wuhan' acts as my first attempt at this, hoping to educate my peers who are consuming one spectrum of popular culture, with a new spectrum. Empathy over isolation and discrimination.